Scenic spot

E’bizui Park

Time: 2016-07-06

Jiangyin E’bizui Scenic Spot is one of the 18 Views in Wuxi. It is located west of the Jiangyin Yangtze River Highway Bridge and given the name because that the shape of the mountain is like a swan stretching its nose into the river.

Stepping into the scenic spot, you will receive multiple folds of enjoyment, such as witnessing the miraculous E’shan Mountain and its resplendent ancient culture, expressing your nostalgia for the past and the memorable years. By doing so, you can experience a leisure as if returning to nature.

Gateway to the Yangtze River and Sea

Hole of E’shan Mountain

Watching-clouds And Listening-to-tide Pavilion

Jiangyin Yangtze River Highway Bridge

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